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This Week’s Five!!!

Fall This Weeks Five

So here’s a fun Monday edition of This Week’s Five!!! Okay, so I’ve really dropped the ball on…pretty much everything lately. So let’s catch up a little, shall we?

Five things that have made me happy recently:

  1. While we’ve been looking forward to the PlayStation VR, I can’t say I really knew what to expect. It is SO cool. My favorite things so far have been Allumette, TumbleVR, and the cinematic experiences included on the demo disc.
  2. The weather has been super pleasant lately.
  3. I’ve been able to visit with family a lot recently.
  4. I’m listening to Uprooted on audiobook again. I’m not a re-reader, but I really enjoy listening to this story. It’s also nice that I know the story so if I miss a word or two it isn’t an understanding-breaker. [Review]
  5. My son. Obvious mom-bias, but he is absolutely the most amazing thing ever!

What’s made you happy recently?

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