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*2017 update-this timeline is no longer in use*

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Things are about to get shakin’ around here! In honor of that, I thought I’d create a nice little post with a “key” to the upcoming posts. I’ll update¬†this list as posts are added for easy finding.

My ratings will be based on my enjoyment of the books on their own, not in comparison to one another. Here’s a key:
1-star: hated it!
2-star: didn’t like it.
3-star: it was ok.
4-star: really liked it.
5-star: loved it!

Tuesdays – Review of a book I’ve recently read. Simple, really. This will be a mixture of traditional- and self-published books. It may wind up leaning a little more one way and then another as my reading moods shift, but exclusivity for one or another is not my goal.

Alternating Thursdays – “From the Vault.” From the Vault is a series which features books that I read sometime in the past, but did not review. From the Vault may also feature reviews which I have previously written and posted to my first blog, The Midnight Hobbyist.¬†For the most part, these are going to be books that I loved, since those which did not make a lasting impression are obviously not much for being remembered.

Alternating Fridays – “Resources!” This is a review of one of the resources listed on my Resource page. If I’m going to suggest a resource, certainly I should be able to tell you why, right?

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, crazy blog-o-sphere, and hope to see you around!


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