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This Week’s Five!!!

This Week's Five!!!

Hey there! How are ya? It’s time to think back and recall five things that either made me happy or I found interesting in the past week or so.

I’m pretty sure we have a whole flock of birds living in the trees/shrubbery in the front of our house. One day, I thought I heard something at the window, so I opened the blinds. We had a bunch of birds hopping around outside the window! They’re little brown things that would probably sit in my hand comfortably. I know next to nothing about birds so that’s the best I can do for letting you know what they were. They were so funny! There’s a garden bed in severe need of attention on that side of the house, and at this time it’s dirt and the random petunias that popped up earlier this summer. The birds were hopping around looking for food, but they were also rolling around in the dirt! I’ve never seen them do that but it was certainly entertaining!

Birds on our window
Birds in the dirt (they were literally rolling in it)!






I can already feel the good returning to a normal schedule is doing for me.

Recently I was the winner of a very generous giveaway from Giselle. I received the package this week and was so excited to see all the goodies! So many signed things! Like a physical collection of my Twitter feed. It was also fun to see S. Usher Evans’ bookmark for her new series come from the package! I can not wait to read Lexie!

The other night my son wanted to look at the pictures on our walls, so before bed I carried him around and we talked about all the people in all the pictures. It’s nice to stop and appreciate them. So often I walk by the frames without truly looking at the moments we chose to hang on our walls.

Caramel turtle brownies.

What about you? What’s something that made you happy this week?

Tag/Meme · This Week's Five!

This Week’s Five!!!


  1. While I hate that summer (break) has come to a close, I function much better on a routine schedule, so I’m happy to be returning somewhat to “normal.”
  2. I also enjoy helping hubby decorate his classroom!
  3. No Man’s Sky.
  4. RAIN! Summer rain! It has brought cooler temperatures and more time outdoors, which I love. My garden’s enjoying it too. Makes it so much harder to resist the Autumn decorations in the store, though!
  5. I’m totally addicted to match 3 type games. Right now it’s Forest Rescue 2.
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Blog Tour & Review – Deadly Encounter

Banner Deadly Encounter


(FBI: Task Force)


DiAnn Mills

Genre: Romance / Suspense / Christian

Publisher: Tyndale House

Date of Publication: August 1, 2016

Number of Pages: 376 Continue reading “Blog Tour & Review – Deadly Encounter”

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#RockMyTBR – July Recap


The #RockMyTBR Reading Challenge is hosted by Sarah K, The YA Book Traveler. Click here for more info.

[My #RockMyTBR list]

July Recap

I just *knew* I would catch up on the #RockMyTBR challenge this month. This was the month. Or so I thought. Alas, I read NOTHING for this challenge this month. Maybe August will be more fruitful…

How did your challenge go this month?  Leave me a link and I’ll check out your recap!

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Stacking the Shelves – August 7

Stacking the Shelves

Hello there! Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. Usually a weekly meme, mine pop up on a monthly basis. These are the books I’ve acquired since the July edition.


Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars and Magic-Borne by C.L. Schneider

The Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate

Apogee and Solatium by G.S. Jennsen

Nascent Decay by Charles Hash

Call of Kythshire by Missy Sheldrake

Of Light and Darkness by Shayne Leighton

Bypass Gemini by Joseph Lallo

Grounded by Heather Young-Nichols

Lantern and Wrapped in the Past by Chess Desalls


 Nothing borrowed this month

Advance Copies

What Matters Most by Kellie Coates Gilbert [Review]

Deadly Encounters by DiAnn Mills

The Greenlee Project by Amanda M. Thrasher

What books have you acquired recently?

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Blog Tour – The Lark

Banner The Lark



Dana Glossbrenner

Genre: Humorous Literary Fiction
Publisher: Boldface Books
Date of Publication: June 7, 2016
Number of Pages: 270 Continue reading “Blog Tour – The Lark”

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This Week’s Five!!!


Okay! It’s that time again. Time to recount a few things that made me happy–or I found interesting–in the past two (oops) weeks!!!

  1. I had a lot of fun gathering up my thoughts and finally posting my huge #GardenWithJulia update.
  2. My writing this year has been rather sporadic, and part of that is due to feeling overwhelmed or frustrated or lost. This post, however, speaks to me, and I hope to pick the pen up again soon.
  3. In the same container I found the frog living in, I’ve also found a toad. I’m not sure if the frog has been evicted or if the two are roommates, but it’s fun to observe.
  4. I’ve eaten enough sugar that I should probably take cover if it begins to rain…
  5. Speaking of rain, we got a little bit of summer rain recently. It was really nice.

So what’s something that has made you happy lately?