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Blog Tour & Review -The Memory of Us

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Camille DeMaio

Genre: Historical Romantic Literary Fiction
Publisher: Lake Union Press
Date of Publication: May 31, 2016
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Personal · Tag/Meme · This Week's Five!

This Week’s Five!!!


Hard to believe it’s been another week. So what’s been good?


  1. I found petunias growing in the (mostly untended) bed at the side of the house. Quite the surprise! And they are a deep purple color (which is my favorite) so that’s like bonus points for them.
  2. I’ve really been enjoying the evening hours outside. Taking time to water and weed and enjoy the cool-ish hours when the sun has begun its descent really makes me content.
  3. My nails are a beautiful coral color.
  4. Milkshakes!
  5. My garden seems to be doing pretty well.

So, what’s something that brought a smile to your face this week?


Gardening with Julia – Update 12

Garden Graphic (3)

This week’s update is a look at how the plants are growing.

Everything seems to be coming along pretty well. The biggest changes are that I now have baby strawberries and my first baby tomato of the season. There are also a couple of tiny jalepeños trying to get going, too. It’s HOT outside, I’ve been watering every-other day or so, but will start feeling of the soil to make sure so I’m not doing too much over watering. To get the scoop on the rest of the plants, check out the video above.

Tag/Meme · This Week's Five!

This Week’s Five!!!


Honestly I can’t believe we are at another weekend already! We’ve reached the point in summer where I don’t really know what day it is, and forget about knowing the date! It sure is a good thing all this technology has dates on it…so here are some good things.

  1. Some friends invited us out to Concerts in the Gardens. This was the first time we’d ever been, and it was fun. Not the type of thing we usually go to, but definitely a good experience. We listened to the Fort Worth Symphony play music to various films, and the second half was Star-Wars themed with a laser light show. That was pretty awesome.
  2. It’s Father’s Day! I love having an extra day to celebrate the amazing father that my husband is to our little boy. Not to mention being able to tell my own father thanks for being pretty great, too.
  3. I ate from my garden this week! Peppers and lettuce. My last thing of lettuce was starting to bolt, and it had sizable leaves, so I cut it off, cleaned them up, and am enjoying them.
  4. Skirts. Skirts are the best. They are better than pants, even better than shorts. I love them. I want more.
  5. Sadie’s been real fun, check out this toad friend she found.FHLeSSnI

How about you? What’s brought a smile to your face this week?


#NTTBF16 Recap

Wow, I know this is a little late, but better late than never, right?

I was lucky enough to be an attendee at the North Texas Teen Book Festival again this year. I also had the fortune to attend the luncheon and panels on the educator day with my mother-in-law.

Mother-In-Law meeting Jonathan Maberry

I enjoy so much getting to listen to the authors speak about doing what they love, but also being reminded that they are human and have struggles, just like the rest of us.

One of the things that is interesting to hear is how these authors, all of them successful, all have different processes. (If you want to know how I feel about that, check out these posts.)

Here are some of the other tidbits I gleamed from NTTBF this year.

STORY 1 -Fiercely Fantastic Panel – ON STORIFY

STORY 2 – Paranormal Tendencies Panel – ON STORIFY

And of course, listening to these authors make me want to read their books. Some of those I’ve added to my list are Cindy Pon, Jonathan Maberry, Sarah Rees Brennan (she was added last year, I still haven’t got to her books), and Natalie Lloyd (my understanding is that her books are more MG, but I don’t mind 😉 )

Since I’m writing this at such a late date, it may be fun to add that while I was at Dallas Fan Expo, I wore by NTTBF shirt and promoted it to the local teens that stopped by the booth.

I love this event. I look forward to one day being able to volunteer to help (I hope).

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Blog Tour – The Darkness That Could Be Felt

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Treasure of the Raven King Book One


C. Wayne Dawson

Genre: Historical Military Fiction / Mystery

Publisher: White Bird Publications, LLC.

Date of Publication: May 22, 2016

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Gardening With Julia – Update 11

Garden Graphic (3)

Hello there! It’s time for the eleventh update on my gardening project. I’m going to go along in the order the video does.

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