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Garden With Julia – Update 13

Garden Graphic (3)

This video is a quick update on the plants.

I’ve moved them to the only shady-ish spot in our back yard. Even though these plants love sun, sometimes it’s too much of a good thing, and they need a respite, just like us.

The cucumber and zucchini plants are still getting close to the same amount of sun that they were before, and are growing well. I have several baby cucumbers on the bush cucumber plant, and the lemon cucumber plant is beginning it’s climb (I just love the little vining tendril things)!

Lemon cucumber climbing on up!

All the tomato plants are growing, and I have one Super Sweet 100 plant that has two tomatoes on the vine and several more flowers in bloom.

Tomato flowers

I have allowed two strawberry runners to begin their propagation, one in the same bucket as the main plant and one beside it. I’ve been getting small berries for the past week or so. Most of them have had holes from some kind of bug or something. But the ones that haven’t–OH MY GOSH! They are so sweet, juicy, and flavorful! Those things you can buy at the store have nothing on a homegrown strawberry! If I can help it, I don’t think I’ll ever buy strawberries again, and I’ll certainly never be without a strawberry plant in my garden.


The pepper plants are loving the little bit of shade they’ve been getting. Especially the poblano plant. The leaves have unfurled and the fruits have really taken off. It also probably helps that we had two nights of good summer rain this week, too. 

Poblano peppers

I have a couple of purple pinot noir peppers growing, plus several more buds. And three jalepeño peppers.

Pinot noir bell peppers (so fragrant!)

My carrots seem to be doing alright, too. 

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