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This Week’s Five!!!


Hello Friends,

My heart is heavy as I write this, and yours may be heavy too. This week has been a heartbreaking one. I know it is important to take time and grieve, to think and reflect, to talk, to take action. However, it is also my belief that in the dark times, especially, we must find and hold onto the good in our lives. As hard as it sometimes feels, life goes on. It doesn’t have to go on the same way that it did before, but it must go on. So here, in my personal space, I’m continuing on by highlighting things that have brought a smile to my face this week.

  1. My garden. It is my happy place. Friday I got a package in the mail with a new container I wanted to try. For a few hours while I had a mission–to get soil and fill up the container– I was able to be present in my own moment, to push anxieties from my mind and just feel the sun warming my neck and the dirt under my fingernails.
  2. I have really been enjoying posting picture updates on Instagram.
  3. There are at least two toads in our back yard that make a nightly appearance.
  4. There is good news for some friends and family members, and it makes me happy for them to be happy.
  5. I have acquired SO MANY EBOOKS this week. Expect a lengthy Stacking the Shelves for July 😉

What kind of light was in your life this week?

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