Gardening with Julia – Final Video and 2016 Wrap-Up

Hello there! Sorry, I fell off my update and video wagon. I still want to wrap up the year and let you know that I am excited to try this again next year!

Garden Graphic (3)

The rest of the year

The last update I gave, I had just begun planning my fall garden.

Also shortly after that update, an invasion of aphids set up camp in my garden and stunted the growth of the pepper, watermelon, and cantaloupe plants. I was able to regain control over the pepper plants, but the damage to the watermelon plant left it struggling at barely six inches tall, and no more growth ever happened. The cantaloupe plant was able to grow a little and produce one small cantaloupe, but the cooler weather set in before it could ripen.

I had zero luck with fall spinach, lettuce, and beets.

I did have some luck with some fall green beans and carrots, though. These carrots grew and looked a lot better than the others, and I think it may have been the different variety that made the difference.

20161024_182045     20161218_135204

I had planted some snow peas, and they grew tall and fast. I got about three delicious pods from them before they reached the state they are in now. Green but heavy and limp, not producing anything. Either I didn’t do well at watering (very possible) or the crazy Texas weather did a number on them. I’m excited to try them again, though! I love snow peas!

20161108_170644     20161118_131605

My pepper plants continued producing a good amount of time, and I got two roma tomatoes from one tomato plant. The rest of the plants didn’t survive the combination heat/bugs/novice gardener.


The Last Video

Things Learned

Squash bug hatchlings are crazy/gross looking. I’ve learned “that strange brown stick” is one way eggs are laid, you can be sure that I’ll be on the lookout for those!

The way I made my indoor greenhouse wasn’t good. Apparently, if I’d actually been using a grow light, the heat would have reflected off the foil and fried the seedlings.

I think I may need to try and mix my soil with something to make it a little lighter/better draining.

I need more plants of each type. I think that will help with pollination and the chances of something surviving the elements.

I actually really like growing flowers. They made me happy each time I saw them.

Gardening makes me exceptionally happy.

Looking Forward

While I’m not going to spell out my plans for 2017 just yet, I do want to say that I look forward to gardening again, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along! Maybe I’ll even become better at making/editing/posting the videos.

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