Gardening With Julia – Update 11

Garden Graphic (3)

Hello there! It’s time for the eleventh update on my gardening project. I’m going to go along in the order the video does.

My transplanted yellow squash seedling wasn’t doing well. I had to make a choice. Did I keep trying to coax it to life, or should I replace it? After some thorough examination and thought, I decided to replace the plant. When I pulled up the little seedling being replaced, there was no resistance and hardly any roots–no wonder it hadn’t been doing well. I replaced it with a roma tomato seedling. While I do have one remaining yellow squash seedling, it looks to be in the same shape the one I had transplanted was. So I chose a tomato plant instead. Not only did it look stronger and more likely to survive, we definitely eat tomatoes (or tomato products) much more than we do squash, so maybe it’s for the better anyway.

I also got my carnival bell pepper seedling planted in its larger container. So far, so good.

I had an extra container and some extra soil, so can you guess what I did? I planted one of my remaining tomato seedlings! That’s right, so I now have 4 containers of tomatoes. I’m so excited.

img_20160614_112006.jpgI’ve got more wildflowers blooming! Here’s a more recent pic than the view in the video.

My herb garden has shrunk a little, I gave a container of sage and a container of thyme to my mother-in-law for her kitchen window.

My spinach bolted, but then it didn’t even make it to bolt all the way. Oops. While I’m at it, I guess I should mention my lettuce is starting to bolt, too. I’m going to try these again in the fall.

The roma seedling that I transplanted a few weeks ago is starting to look like it’s making progress. 

The super sweet container from a few weeks ago is doing super well! I’ve removed the second tomato seedling since making the video, and the remaining one seems to be continuing pretty strong.

My strawberry plant has some runners that I’m allowing to try and take root in another bucket. It also has some buds coming out, and I’ve decided to allow them to stay. Already there is a baby green berry and several flowers, and I’m excited to watch them grow!

There are still two plants in my cucumber bucket. They are starting to look like they are doing a lot better, and I’m really curious if they can both grow in that one bucket, but I also don’t want to chance neither of them producing, so I may wind up getting rid of one soon.

The lemon cucumber plant looks to be doing good, too.

img_20160614_131721.jpgThe carrots are doing alright. I pulled one up just yesterday (to my typing this) and it was more formed than the others have been, but I still don’t think they’re ready. I think I’ll be growing carrots a long time before I figure them out really well.

I can’t grow rosemary. I don’t know what it is. Maybe the seeds are bad or I’m doing something completely wrong.

My marigolds are sprouting up in their little bucket, I’m curious to see them grown!

My little jalapeño plant is trying, but I’m not sure if it will actually be capable of producing peppers, it may have been too traumatized too early on. It sure is trying though.

The zucchini plant seems to be growing pretty strong, which I’m excited to see. 

The poblano pepper plant is still producing really well, and check out that pinot noir bell pepper!!! Excited!!!

Thanks for hanging out with me for this update!

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