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Review – Conviction by S. Usher Evans

You guys I am so excited to let you know that Conviction releases tomorrow! Of course, I’ve already got my hands on a copy, and I just have to tell you all about it!

In case you missed it, I brought back my reviews of Double Life and Alliances last week in my From the Vault post.

Find more information about the lovely S. Usher Evans here.


Razia is in trouble. Captured by a fellow pirate, she now finds herself back on probation with a bounty worth zero credits. In the cold reality, she begins to question herself and everything she has been working towards all of her life–and what she’s willing to do to reclaim her glory.

Conviction is the third book in the Razia series.

Piracy is a game. What do you stand for?(Goodreads)

So far I think this is my favorite book in the series. I give Conviction 5 stars!


  • Lyssa/Razia is as hard on herself as ever, and she finds herself asking the questions I think we all ask ourselves at some point in time.
  • We really get to see some of the guilt that she carries around, afraid to share because she’s afraid of everyone’s reaction. What she thinks will happen, is of course blown out of proportion to what actually does, as is usually the case when we dwell on things.
  • Razia in a dress!
  • A Pirate Ball!
  • Razia trying to work while inebriated.
  • A little bit of time spent with all of my favorite characters, including another Lizbeth scene that made me laugh.
  • Great friends give tough love, but they accept you.
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN (you now have to read the entire thing to find out what this is)!


  • I really want to slap a character. I guess really that’s actually a positive, but still…Jukin is just terrible.


  • Overall I felt like there were more little details, more little conversations, that helped to build a fuller and richer picture than the previous two books.

*I received a free copy of this book. That does not affect my review.

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