#GardenWithJulia — Update 2

Garden Graphic (3)

Hello there!

Well, I know I haven’t done nearly as well as keeping you updated on the garden this year, my apologies. Here’s my first update, and here’s where things are now.

TOMATOES! Man, this year has been so much better than last year as far as tomatoes go. I bought three plants from the grocery store, two of which have done really well, a Super Sweet 100 and a San Marzano. I get a handful of the Super Sweets every few days and a couple of San Marzanos every week or two. The ones I’ve grown from seed are starting to bear fruit, too, which is wayyy more successful than the ones I grew last year. I currently have a Roma and a Super Sweet 100 that have fruit on the vines, plus some others that have blooms but no fruit yet (and I didn’t label them so it’ll be a surprise!).

IĀ have found a couple of tomato hornworms on my plants, but luckily before the damage was too extensive, and I’ve definitely got my eye open for them.

PEPPERS! The peppers are doing great too! The Gypsy pepper plant that I have lost all of it’s leaves at the beginning of June, by July the leaves had come back and flourished, and as I type this there are about a dozen peppers on it! I’ve used a few, they have a very mild flavor. There are about half a dozen Poblanos growing on that plant right now, although I haven’t harvested any yet. I’ve had one Pinot Noir pepper that was delicious in our chimichangas, and I’m hoping it becomes a little more prolific soon.

ONIONS. The onions I planted in the summer are ready to be harvested. I’ve used a couple and they’re small-ish, but the tops are turning yellow and falling over, so once we dry out a little from the rain we’re getting I’ll figure out what to do with them.

HERBS. My oregano plant is out of control. I have no idea how to use fresh oregano, so I’ve got some learning to do! I also have a sage plant that is doing ok, but I noticed today the leaves are a little brown so I’m not sure if it’s the wetter weather or something, but I hope to have a little that I can use. Again, I have some learning to do.

Oregano! And above that, Black Oxalis (Purple Shamrock)

POTATOES? This spring, I found some fingerling potatoes in my pantry that were wayyy past usability and had some crazy eyes/roots coming out of them, so I tried planting them. They started out fairly strong, but then got some form of blight (I guess?) and all died. I didn’t do anything with the buckets, just set them aside to deal with “later.” A couple of weeks ago I realized there are potato vines growing out of those buckets again. I have no idea if there will be time for them to grow to size or if they’ll even be edible, but it’s something green in the garden!


STRAWBERRIES. I bought ONE strawberry plant last year and ONE this year. I love the way they multiply! I now have probably 10 crowns growing in my garden. I haven’t gotten much fruit from them, and one of the buckets is currently a fire-ant mansion, but I think they’re so beautiful even without fruit! Lush and green! I think they’re doing pretty well.

VISITORS! My garden gets quite a few visitors, especially among the flowers. I had a humongous swallowtail butterfly visit, but getting a picture of it was very difficult, so here’s a Tweet with a video.


We had a baby mockingbird show up in my garden. A fledgling not quite able to fly yet. We kept an eye on it, put some water where it could get to it, and in a couple of days it was gone. What a beautiful baby bird!

Mockingbird under San Marzano tomato
Baby Mockingbird

FLOWERS! The zinnias, which were just getting started back in April when I posted the first update, are doing crazy well! Some are nearly up to my shoulders! Some rain we had a few weeks ago knocked them down quite a bit, but now there are new stems growing from them and they are straight up, so the zinnias really look quite bushy. I also have some marigolds, bachelors buttons, black-eyed susans, and earlier in the year I had some plains tickseed.

Have YOU been gardening this summer? What do you have growing in your garden? Have you had any special visitors?

Thanks for stopping by,

ā¤ Julia

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