#GardenWithJulia 2017 – Update

Hello, Julia here! Wow, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this post up. It’s the end of April, and here’s what’s going on in my garden.

I planted onion bulbs, peas, lettuce, and spinach in February. All of them sprouted and seemed to be doing fairly well, but most of the lettuce and all of the peas have gone now, and the spinach is ready to bolt.

Baby peas
Baby Pea Plants
Growing peas
grown peas
Grown Pea Plants
Sad Peas
Something happened with my peas, they died from the ground up. This is the sad state they ended up in.

I also planted carrots in March, I believe. March was a busy month! I also bought transplants of peppers, tomatoes, squash, and strawberry plants, which have slowly been moved to their own containers.

The carrots never really got going, and I guess that means I just have to try again. The transplants-of squash especially-don’t seem to be doing well but I finally got them into their own containers, so we’ll see what happens.

Super Sweet 100s
More tomatoes on this one plant than all I had last year. Maybe that’s a good sign?
Start of the garden
Finally got things transplanted. When summer gets here, they’ll be moved to the corner of the yard where they’ll get some protection from the burning ball of gas in the sky.

At the first of April I planted black beans, they’ve sprouted and begun growing.

Black Beans shooting up.

I have also added trying to grow flowers to this year’s gardening experiments! Along the back side of the house (where I garden) I have planted sunflowers and a few types of zinnias. I’ve also sown some marigolds, tinctoria, and cornflowers. On the sides of the house, which are lucky to be remembered, I planted seeds for echinacea, cornflowers, zinnias, and petunias. Some random petunias had turned up there last year, so I’m hoping if they get going they’ll be alright.

Backyard along the house. Sunflowers and Zinnias.

In containers I have the plants from the wildflower seed last year that didn’t die over the warm winter, and a container of zinnias.


How’s the winter sowing project going?

Well, hehe oops. It started out strong, with little green seedlings sprouting up and being promising…I’ve kind of stop watching it so closely. I’ll have a separate update on that soon. I have done some transplanting of the herbs and a few tomato plants.

❤ Julia

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