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This Week’s Five!!!


Yikes! It has been a while! Anyways, here are five recent things that have brought a smile to my face or that I’ve found interesting.

  1. How could I not start this off with MY PLANTS? It is springtime, pretty much (although I missed winter, somehow….*side-eyes Texas weather*). So my garden is started, and of course it’s a continual work in progress. While I plan on blogging more about it soon, the best place to find quick updates is my Instagram.
  3. I’ve been playing the Fire Emblem Heroes app. While it’s definitely limited in relation to the actual games, it’s a somewhat-fun way to pass a little time on my phone.
  4. I’ve been trying to pick up on my writing again. It’s going alright so far. I’m experimenting with this particular project in which I just write, no planning and no plotting, because I seem to get stuck there and never actually move on. So I’m pantsing it.
  5. I’ve been enjoying listening to music lately. Sometimes I go through long stretches of time where I don’t listen to anything at all, but I’ve really been enjoying my headphones lately 😉

So, what are some things that have brought a smile to your face lately?



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