#GardenWithJulia 2017 – Winter Sowing Update

Garden Graphic (3)

Hey there! This is just a short little update on my winter sowing experiment. Here’s a short live video I did on Periscope.

I planted the following:

4 x Super Sweet 100s Tomatoes – sprouted

4 x Roma Tomatoes – sprouted

4 x Marigold (from seeds I saved myself!) – sprouted

2 x Carnival Bell Peppers

2 x Pinot Noir Peppers (seeds I saved, no action yet, though I’ve got a sprout!!!) – sprouted

2 x Rosemary

2 x Basil

2 x Sweet Basil

2 x Sage

2 x Cilantro – sprouted

2 x Thyme – sprouted

2 x Oregano – sprouted

Just because these things have sprouted, I know that doesn’t mean my experiment has been a success, but it’s a start! I probably put too many seeds in each container, but hey, I’m learning!

Originally I was going to split the containers in half and grow half in the shade (for the cooler temps) and half in the sunlight. They are currently all getting a fair amount of sunlight, but I may still wind up trying the half and half experiment, just to see what happens.

In other planting news, I’ve planted onion bulbs and snow peas. I also planted some “salad bowl” lettuce. In my round raised bed bag, I planted beets, lettuce, and kale. Let’s see how these things do!

Thanks for stopping by. Have you tried winter sowing? Did you have any luck? What about growing crops in the “winter” when setting record high temps across the state? How does one even prepare for that?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!


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