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This Week’s Five!!!


Are you ready for this week’s recap of things that made me happy!? I sure hope so…

  1. Popcorn. I could eat popcorn any time, I love it, and I admit to indulging A LOT this week.
  2. Music. I don’t often listen to the radio (not much time spent in the car), and if I listen to my phone it’s usually music I know I like. But sometimes I just don’t want to hear anything. Then, suddenly I want to hear all the things, which results in a great appreciation of being able to listen to a wide variety of songs and let loose a little.
  3. Sprouts! I have sprouts in my winter sowing containers!Marigold sprouts in winter sowing container
  4. Early Valentine presents. My husband and I are as bad as kids when it comes to trying to wait for a holiday to give gifts. This year, I received this awesome bookish necklace and a gift card for my kindle! necklace
  5. Honestly I don’t have a specific thing for #5, but things have just been good lately, and that makes me happy 🙂

What’s made you smile lately? Share below!


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