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This Week’s Five!!!


Alright, this post encompasses more than the past week, but here we go! Five things that made me happy or I found interesting lately:

  1. Seeing the Women’s Marches. Wow, what a bautiful movement whose momentum we can’t allow to be lost.
  2. YAKFest – Young Adult Keller Book Festival — this was my second time attending, and it was a blast! Post coming soon.
  3. Starting something new – As the little one’s induction to the public school system draws closer *sobs*, that means I’m looking at my future, too. Right now the plan is to get my alternative certification to teach secondary Enlish Language Arts. For now though, I’ve begun substitute teaching.
  4. Books on sale – there have been some really interesting looking books on sale lately.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile! I’m a huge fan of the series, and it’s fun to have part of it on my phone. I’m super looking forward to the one for the Nintendo Switch, because we really enjoy playing games together and watching each other play games. That’s really hard to do on the DS.

What’s something that’s brought you happiness lately?



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Five!!!

    1. That is absolutely awesome! The great thing is you already have the clay, it’s already somewhat shaped, and with a little more time and attention it will be a beautiful, unique piece of art!

      One day I hope to be able to say I’m in that same place. Thanks for stopping by!

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