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This Week’s Five!!!

Copy of Copy of This Week's Five!!!

How about a mid-week posting of This Week’s Five? Well, I’ve missed a few weeks, so it seems acceptable to do so. So here are five things that have made me happy lately.

  1. Holiday decorations. I admit to having difficulty getting into the holiday spirit, but I’ve had a lot of fun putting decorations around the house.
  2. I started a seasonal job recently, and I actually really enjoy it.
  3. I’ve been reading a bit lately, and I really enjoyed Relentless by Karen Lynch [Review].
  4. Popcorn. Always popcorn.
  5. Indie-mas.


Pinterest inspired holiday window decorations. I’m so in love with this! We’ve had these ornaments forever and don’t use them anymore, so I’m happy to have found something to do with them!


What about you? What’s something that’s made you smile lately?

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