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This Week’s Five!!!


Honestly I can’t believe we are at another weekend already! We’ve reached the point in summer where I don’t really know what day it is, and forget about knowing the date! It sure is a good thing all this technology has dates on it…so here are some good things.

  1. Some friends invited us out to Concerts in the Gardens. This was the first time we’d ever been, and it was fun. Not the type of thing we usually go to, but definitely a good experience. We listened to the Fort Worth Symphony play music to various films, and the second half was Star-Wars themed with a laser light show. That was pretty awesome.
  2. It’s Father’s Day! I love having an extra day to celebrate the amazing father that my husband is to our little boy. Not to mention being able to tell my own father thanks for being pretty great, too.
  3. I ate from my garden this week! Peppers and lettuce. My last thing of lettuce was starting to bolt, and it had sizable leaves, so I cut it off, cleaned them up, and am enjoying them.
  4. Skirts. Skirts are the best. They are better than pants, even better than shorts. I love them. I want more.
  5. Sadie’s been real fun, check out this toad friend she found.FHLeSSnI

How about you? What’s brought a smile to your face this week?

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