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Gardening With Julia – Update 10

Garden Graphic (3)

Hey there! Welcome to my tenth garden update! From the last update to this, the only major change is this pinot noir bell pepper that has sprouted up! Oh, and I harvested my green onions.

One thing currently on my mind about the garden is its placement. I’m growing things that for the most part are supposed to love full sun. However, the Texas sun is quite relentless, and some of the fruits and leaves are already beginning to look like they’ve gotten too much sun. So I’ll be keeping an eye on things, and I may wind up moving the garden to a slightly shadier place. I don’t really want to do this because it’s as far away from the back door as it can be, but I may have no choice.

I have one seedling left that I was planning on transplanting. I’m going to do that sometime pretty quickly following the same steps as I did for the squash and tomatoes, so reference those videos/posts if you want to know how I do that.

The rest of my seedlings are doing really well and I hate to find some way to dispose of them, and I may be trying to think of ways I can grow a few extra plants than what I had planned on.

All the plants are doing well, enjoying the spring rain we’ve been getting, and water on the stretches in-between.

On the super-sweet tomato plants, which have really taken well to their new home, I’ve been pinching off the suckers that sprout up between a main branch and the stem. They use up energy that the plant could be using on plants and growth, and I’ve heard indeterminate varieties do better with a bit of pinching like this. The roma tomatoes are determinate, and while I don’t remember what the difference is, supposedly they don’t require the same treatment.

Thanks for checking out this update, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below if you like 🙂

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