Gardening with Julia – Weekly Update (7) and Carrot Thinning

Garden Graphic (3)


Hey there!

Sorry I missed a weekly update, but you didn’t miss much. I did thin out my carrots and make a quick video about it, which will be at the end of my update video once it gets posted. I meant to get this post up several days ago. Now it is raining like crazy, and I think the plants are really enjoying it. The past couple of mornings I’ve had to pour nearly 4″ of water out of the container holding the seedlings. I’m hoping they don’t mind the time it takes between the 3 a.m. rain and the 10 a.m. draining. They seem to be doing alright.

The gypsy pepper plants look to have been victims of Sadie, once again. I’m not sure they’ll ever get a chance to grow, and I’m worried they may be traumatized by now.


Lettuce (top) and Spinach (bottom)

The spinach and lettuce plants are growing like crazy! The spinach has been eaten by some kind of pest, but I haven’t been able to figure out what it is yet. I may try some diatomaceous earth or some other natural pest repellent some time soon. I really didn’t expect to like these plants as much as I do, but they are really beautiful and amazing! I need to thin out my lettuce plants, but I’ve been putting it off because they are so beautiful.



Poblano Pepper Bud

The poblano pepper plant has really done well so far, and the first few blooms have opened up! How exciting!


I’m not sure how well the newly-transplanted zucchini and yellow squash plants are doing. I think they are okay, but I continue to watch them and try to make sure they are alright.

The carrots and onions seem to be growing well (hard to tell since they’re underground :-P).










Tiny bud of activity beginning to emerge from the crown

The strawberry plant is doing something new and exciting! It had been slowly putting out one leaf at a time, but now I think it has sent out a runner (maybe) and there is a whole cluster of activity at the crown. I think this may actually be a stem with buds on it, and if it is I’ll wind up pinching it off. But I have also observed that one of the buds is yet another leaf. I was really concerned that it wouldn’t recover from the terror that is Sadie, but it looks to be doing really well.

Overall I think the seedlings that are left are doing alright, although I am worried that by waiting too late to start the tomato seeds I messed up. We’ll see though. Only time will tell.




To thin out the carrots, I located the plants that had more than one growing in the same place. I pulled out all but 1 plant (the biggest/strongest looking one) in each place. See the slideshow below for pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have I been missing any details that you are curious about? Feel free to ask questions/leave comments below!

Have I inspired you to try (or even just consider) starting a garden? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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