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This Week’s Five!!!


Hey there! So, it’s time to know what five things from the past week have bought a smile to my face!

  1. I haven’t said anything here on the blog until now, like RIGHT NOW, but I joined Book Fish Books as a line and copy editor! I am so excited about this! My first project is coming up soon, and while I am nervous, I’m also happy to be having something to focus on.
  2. My garden grows well (I think)!
  3. I’ve been joining in on some blog tours and am excited to be bringing them to the blog. Keep your eyes open!
  4. I really enjoyed writing this review.
  5. There are lots of exciting things coming up this month. I’m looking forward to what April has to bring.

How was your week? Anything in particular to bring a smile to your face?

One thought on “This Week’s Five!!!

  1. I never thought to write a post on 5 things that made me smile. I definitely need to start counting that more often–I don’t do it enough. And congrats on becoming a line/copy editor!! That’s like, one of my dream jobs, haha. 😀

    Glad to hear you’re a part of some blog tours! Those are always soooo fun. Just such a great way to find out about new books, authors, and bloggers. My favourites are the ones that include bookish playlists and excerpts. I hope to see those blog tour posts in the near future!

    Sasha @ The Writing Duo

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