Gardening with Julia – An Update (6) & The First Transplants

Hey Guys! So, it’s week 6 of updates AND the first transplants are happening! How exciting is that? You can watch the video or read on (or do both if you like!) to see how things are going.

I realized the videos lately have pretty much just been plant updates, but really, I’ve been letting them grow! But in case you were curious, I’ve been leaving them outside all day (and night) with only a couple of exceptions–a couple of nights of freeze threat and some strong storms with hail. Of course I want my plants to be able to withstand this, but they are still seedlings, no need to tempt fate!

I’ve been watering when the soil is dry to my finger about an inch or so under the surface.

Keeping the dog out is the hardest thing.

The plants all seem to be doing pretty well, here’s some pictures.

I’m not sure exactly what to expect the onions to look like as they are growing, guess I’ll find out!

It’s time to thin the carrots.

I can’t believe how beautiful the lettuce and spinach plants are!

These pepper plants seem to be doing well, the poblano even seems to be getting ready to bloom? Since these are the first vegetables I’ve had, I guess I really don’t know what to expect from any of them!

This strawberry plant is sad since the Morkie encounter, but seems to be kickin’ still.

And I am so excited to transplant something! I’ve been getting ready for this for like 2 weeks, and I’m happy it’s finally time.

The buckets all have holes in the bottom, and I lined the inside with landscaping fabric to keep the soil from escaping and to slow (but not stop) the water drainage. I filled each bucket with enough soil to make sure the fabric didn’t go wonky, then I poured in soil until the bucket was almost full. I watered the soil and added a little more where needed.
In the zucchini and yellow squash buckets, I put 1/2 gallon milk jugs with holes in them in the soil too, so that I could have a slow, deep-watering system. (Check this link, and further searching, if you like, for details.) I finished filling in soil around them, and then it was time to transplant.

I watered the seedlings earlier in the morning, so when I gently turned them over they came out all together. I loosened up the roots a little, put them in the bucket. Added soil (if needed) so that the soil was at the same level it had been in the previous container, and then watered again. 

Now we wait and see.

I’ve caged the yellow squash and zucchini plants, because I’ve read that this way they can grow up (since they like to sprawl) and their fruits are cleaner and easier to reach. We’ll see how well this works.

It looks like I’ll be needing at least 4 more bags of soil for the remaining transplanting I’ll be doing. I’m not too happy about that, since it is the most expensive part of this whole thing. But I figure if I was doing a raised bed it would be the same thing. At least I shouldn’t be needing them for a while (I don’t think).

Thanks you guys for hanging out! Feel free to drop a comment or a question, and tell your friends ;-)!

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