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Gardening with Julia – First Planting! Carrots, Lettuce, and Spinach

Haha, oops. Sorry guys. This was supposed to go up two weeks ago…

I’m starting my first plants!

It’s been an incredibly warm winter so far, and spending hours outside in the sunshine has certainly got my gardening bug in full swing. I’ve weeded out the potential flower beds, trimmed trees, and even started working a little bit of the ground in the backyard for even more flowers. This just isn’t enough! Plus, it’s time to start the carrots, spinach, and lettuce anyways. The seed packets say these can be started indoors and moved outside after the danger of frost has passed. I’ve decided I’m going to start them, and get them outside. If the danger of a major frost comes along, they’re going to be in buckets, so I can just bring them in. Can you tell I’m an impatient person?

My first step was to finish cleaning up the buckets I’m going to use, then to drill drainage holes in them, and then to add the soil. I’m using “Readi-soil” from Tractor Supply Company, which has a few good reviews on the website and I figured would be good for a first try. Originally I was going to try the dehydrated “Wondersoil” from the Home Depot website, but then I started thinking about the mess I’d probably make trying to get it to rehydrate, and compared the costs, and decided to go the Readi-Soil route instead.

According to the internet, carrots are better directly-sown into the place they will be growing. I selected a 4 gallon bucket with the biggest diameter, drilled holes and filled it with soil, and planted carrot seeds in it. After watering, I set the bucket near the back door (for now) so that I can more easily keep an eye on the moisture level (and keep Sadie out of it). When watering in carrot seeds, try to do it gently so they don’t get washed away/uncovered.

I’m pre-sprouting the spinach and lettuce seeds using this method [pre-sprouting seeds]. This is how I have started all of my herbs, which seem to be doing quite well. As you can see, the lettuce has already begun to sprout. I don’t have the bucket ready yet, so I’m going to place it in a container for indoor strengthening until the plants seem ready to go outdoors. Eventually the lettuce and spinach seeds will occupy the bucket that was cut in half. In addition to pre-sprouting the lettuce and spinach, I’m also trying to start a couple of them from seed in a recycled egg carton. Stay tuned for updates! I created an Instagram account for this project, and if you just can’t wait to see my most exciting pictures, following there will be the best way to stay updated between blog posts/videos.

Have you decided to give any of this a try? Is it your first time or are you a veteran grower? I’d really like to know a little about you who are lending me your time by reading my words. Feel free to leave comments and/or questions!

Here are some more links that I referenced when making decisions regarding seed-starting and these particular vegetables.

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