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Gardening with Julia – An Update (2)

Hello there! Here’s how the garden is looking a week since the last update


Last week I planted several types of seeds in an 18 count egg carton. Seeds of every type sprouted up, and I transplanted them into larger containers so they can get big and strong. Unfortunately, some of the first to sprout didn’t make it to the transplant because I didn’t realize I should have removed the plastic bag from them immediately. A few hours made all the difference while I ran errands and picked up another bag of soil.


The carrot sprouts are doing well, and you can even see the pattern I planted the seeds in!

I have a few lettuce seedlings that seem to be doing fairly well, and my one lone spinach seedling that is hanging in there, even after being pulled p by the dog at least five times.

The flowers I planted in a small pot are starting to sprout up as well.


The larger containers that I transplanted the seedlings to have been placed in clear storage containers for ease of movement and to help trap the light and heat to help the plants out. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I’d try it out, especially with the amount of sunshine we’ve had this year. (Much better than my insufficient light in the greenhouse.)

Rain is on the way…

And I’m a bit nervous. I guess I’ll find out if my drainage holes were done correctly enough to survive a week of rain! It’s not supposed to be any colder than it’s been, but I sure do like sunshine!

Thanks for stopping by!

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