Gardening with Julia – An Update (1)

Hello everyone! It’s been a week since I’ve planted carrots and started the lettuce and spinach seeds, and I thought it’d be a great time for an update!

One Lonely Carrot Sprout

I thought I saw a little green bud that had the potential to be a carrot, but whatever it was has disappeared, so I guess I have to wait a little longer to see if any of my carrots will actually grow (or if maybe I need to try again?) but after starting this post I’ve found two much more promising sprouts.

My lettuce seeds did a wonderful job of sprouting! But then, they got a little leggy and fell over (and I may have accidentally sprayed them with a mild cleaner…). I have some more that I’ve tried starting, we’ll see how that goes.

I worried the spinach wasn’t doing anything for a while, but then I picked up the egg carton I’d planted them in and a root was coming through the drainage hole! A couple of days later it began to sprout up above the soil. The seeds I tried to pre-sprout in a baggie expanded but then did nothing, so I put them in some soil to see what might happen.


Strawberry transplanted into container

I was at the grocery store when I found some pepper plants I hadn’t found seeds for (jalapeno, poblano, and gypsy) as well as a purple one! So I grabbed them for $1.50 each, as well as a strawberry plant to try out. I have them outdoors in the sunlight as well, and Sadie has done her best to help destroy them. You can bet she won’t be getting that chance again! I went ahead and planted the strawberry and poblano pepper plants in buckets (I didn’t take pictures or a video, I was operating with a headache), so we’ll see how that turns out. I’m waiting for slightly warmer and more stable weather before doing the same with my other pepper plants.

The Herb Garden

The herb garden seems to be doing ok. Again, my seedlings are leggy, so I’ve brought them outside for sunlight and slight wind exposure to try and give them a little strength. I’ll continue this as long as we have the right weather until my plants are strong (or dead). I’m really excited to have noticed that most of the herb plants are beginning to grow real leaves between those that initially emerged from the seed. Sadie, my dear, four-legged assistantpest, has pulled up a sage plant, and as frustrating as that was, it was really neat to see just how much is happening under the soil.

Herbs getting some sun and breeze

Leggy Seedlings

So I’ve had leggy seedlings. According to the internet, this means the plants are too far away from the light, and put their energy into growing tall in order to reach the light, instead of stocky to hold up to wind. Really, this doesn’t surprise me. I may wind up investing in a flourescent light that I can place closer to the plants. I also have used a pretty random assortment of containers so far, resulting in varied heights of containers. I’ll be using the same size containers to start seeds from here on out to try and remedy that. It’s a live and learn process, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! For now I’m placing my herbs that are leggy outside when it’s sunny and warm to see if that might help, being exposed to the breeze is supposed to focus a plants energy on making a strong stem. The sage, thyme, basil and maybe oregano seem to be doing ok. The cilantro is still looking pretty sad.

More seeds!

may have misread some of the instructions on my seed packets. I was supposed to start some of them 6-8 weeks prior to the last frost date. I’m now starting them 2 (maybe 4, depending on which site you check) before the last frost date. Hopefully they turn out ok. I’ve started the following:

  • Roma tomatoes
  • Super Sweet 100’s (tomatoes)
  • Carnival blend bell peppers
  • Yellow summer squash
  • Bush cucumbers
  • Lemon Cucumbers
  • Cauliflower

What’s next?

Well I need to get my lettuce and spinach buckets ready for planting, they still need drainage holes.

I’m waiting for the magical “last frost date” to come and go so I can plant flowers and be less worried about the things that are outside.

Garden Graphic (3)

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