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I Love Indie Authors

Indie authors have a special place in my heart, although you may not know the reason why.

I have come to love the time and dedication many display in getting their work out to readers. I have come to appreciate the community they have built up, and the way they build each other up. I have come to love how they are following their dreams. These are loves I have recognized in the past year-and-a-half (or so).

I have come to call some of these authors some of my best friends.

But I loved them before that.

I loved them when 4.5 years ago, I was gifted with a kindle, and I found a world of adventures for free on Amazon (I still have the best-sellers bookmarked on my toolbar). We had just welcomed our son into the world, and my kindle was like my escape from crazy post-partum emotions and my tether to sanity in the wee morning hours. When my husband returned to work, these authors provided me with companionship as the hours ticked by in sleepless delirium. They may also have been responsible for a few all-night reading binges that I really shouldn’t have done.

These were some of my favorite stories, and several of the authors have become favorites, with me buying their books when they’re published. While I’ve come to appreciate the personal side of these authors, they started out as unknowns to me, my consumption of stories far outweighing my thoughts of the authors and their lives. I’m glad that I’ve become more aware and more aware of what I can do for authors, especially the self-published ones. It’s been quite the journey for me to go from being a simple consumer to a cheerleader, I’m so glad I’ve taken it.

So, dear Indie author, if you are reading this, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the amount of dedication you display in your work. If you offer a book for free, I say thank you, because you may be changing a reader’s life, even if they aren’t thinking about yours.


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