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Gardening with Julia – The Plan

[Introductory post]

Hello there! Welcome to my new feature, where I’m going to document my first foray into vegetable gardening.

The internet has been my source of information and inspiration for this thing, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to include links to where I’ve found my information–but I’ve been looking at sites for years trying to learn what to do.

I thought I’d share with you the plan I have, as well as the materials I’ve gathered so far.. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to organize this, and I think I’m going to break it down by stating my general plans, and then what I’m doing each month.

The Idea

So my plan is basically this – I’m going to try growing a garden in 5-gallon buckets. I’m only trying one bucket of each plant (I think). Being my first year, this is pretty experimental. But I go in knowing that it’s possible my thumb is quite brown, that I don’t plant the right things or at the right time, or in some way totally screw this up. Hopefully, though, there will be at least some success.

I’m going to try starting from seeds on everything. I think I will be able to tell pass/fail soon enough that if they don’t work out, I can go to plan B and buy transplants from a local store.


I didn’t realize Spring gardening plans started so early! In mid-February, I’ll be starting seeds for carrots and spinach. I may also purchase some started strawberry plants.


According to the good ol’ interwebz, I can plant my strawberries (ok, they are a berry, not a vegetable) in mid-March.

I believe many of seeds will be started somewhere from the middle to the end of March.


April is going to be a busy month! Once the threat of a freeze passes, I’ll be planting cherry tomatoes (Super Sweet 100s), roma tomatoes, and a mix of sweet peppers labeled “Carnival blend” on the seeds.

I’ll also be planting the carrots and spinach that I started back in February (I hope!).

In mid-April I’ll be seed-starting zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers. YUM!


Another busy month!

This time I’ll be planting the seeds I started in April, as well as caring for the plants that have already begun their miraculous growth (fingers crossed!).

These plans are all up for changing depending on what I learn along the way. As the time approaches I’m sure there will be more detail that comes into play. Follow along to find out.


I’ve begun collecting the materials I’ll need for this project. Here’s what I have so far, at just under $35:

  • 4 buckets, 4 gallon, acquired from bakeries. 4 buckets, 2 gallon, acquired from bakeries. 3 buckets, 5 gallons, collected from local cafeteria.
  • 1 bag of “Readi-Soil” for indoor seed starting, Tractor Supply Comapny, $7.99.
  • 18 (3 sets of 6) small planters from the Dollar Tree, $3/total. I may not actually need these, but for $1, I couldn’t resist the 6-packs.
  • Steel transplanter, garden shears, and culti-hoe, $1.70/total (including tax)!
  • An assortment of reusable cups that I’ve been hoardingcollecting, will be used to start seeds.
  • Gloves from the Dollar Tree, $1.
  • Seeds from the Dollar Tree, $2/total: Sage, Cilantro, Basil, Sweet Basil, Oregano, Spinach, Carrots, Yellow Squash.
  • Other seeds, acquired at Tractor Supply Company, $11.43/total: Super Sweet 100 Hybrid cherry tomatoes, Zucchini, Carnival Blend peppers, Roma tomatoes, Bush Champion Cucumbers, and a surprise–Lemon Cucmbers (who could pass that up!?).
  • Flower seeds from the Dollar Tree – $4. I thought they’d help attract pollinators, plus they’ll be nice to look at.

I have a few more things to gather, mainly soil, I’m just not ready to do so yet.

Stay tuned for a post on how I’ve been acquiring buckets!

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