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Guest of the Month Club #3 – Dita from A Lazy Squirrel’s Reading Guide

I’ve recently joined the Guest of the Month Club hosted by Emily Reads Everything. Once a month, I host a fellow blogging friend right here for your enjoyment. This month, help me welcome Dita!


Hello! I’m Dita from A Lazy Squirrel’s Reading Guide. This month’s topic is kind of cruel. To narrow down all the books to just 5, are you mad? Although, to be honest, at first I couldn’t come up with any. How silly is that? Especially because I have, I think, at least 5 unread paperbacks (never had that many, by the way) and a lot of Kindle freebies and some bought Kindle books. And I want to get to most of them at some point (the Kindle freebies aren’t too high on my reading list). And then I remembered…

  1. The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski comes out in March. It’s the last book in The Winner’s Trilogy and I can’t wait for it! I want it! I need it! And I skimmed through the excerpt on EpicReads and I need the book even more. I want to know how it all ends. I want to know how much of the book I’ll spend in anticipation of something awful to happen, at the same time being on the verge of tears (that’s me reading The Winner’s Crime, book 2 in the series).
  2. And then there’s A Court of Mist and Fury by S. J. Maas which I also want now, but have to wait until May when it comes out. Book 1, A Court of Throns and Roses, was great. I giggled and was amazed, and cried. Aaah! I want more Feyre and Tamlin! I want more of everything. 😀
  3. Guess what? There’s another Book 2 in a series coming out this year. It’s Gemina, the sequel to Illuminae. And given how thrilling and extraordinary Illuminae was, of course I can’t wait to read the sequel.
  4. As a fan of The Lunar Chronicles I also can’t wait for the story collection Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. There’ll be some already known stories and a bunch of new ones. And one is of a wedding. A royal one. Aaah! I need that cherry on top of that series. 😀
  5. As for my last most anticipated read of 2016… Well, I’m not even sure. There are a couple more 2016 releases I’d like to read, but I also have the already mentioned paperbacks and Kindle books… Mmm. I’d say it’s either Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard or Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine. I have both of them, and, of course, I want to read and will read both of them… But which do I want to read more? Okay, I’ll say it’s Ink and Bone, because I skimmed through a chapter of it and it looks promising. Red Queen, your time will come, too. 😀

These were my most anticipated reads for 2016. Suprisingly, 4 out of 5 haven’t been released yet. That’s new for me. Until getting into all this book blogging and Goodreads stuff I wasn’t so psyched about new releases (mainly because I didn’t know too much about them, nor was I into book series that are still on-going). I almost feel silly for this fact, but it is what it is… I really can’t wait to read those books, you know. 😀

Happy reading in 2016!

Thanks for having me, Julia!

Dita / @DitaSquirrel

One thought on “Guest of the Month Club #3 – Dita from A Lazy Squirrel’s Reading Guide

  1. Oh, wow, I’m really into smileys. I hadn’t noticed before.
    From your 5 books I knew only about Air Awakens. I’ve read it’s sample on Kindle. And, well, where are you, my pay-check? There’s books to get! And The Snow Globe sounds quite intriguing. Woo-hoo to a growing TBR!

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