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Guest of the Month Club #2 – Michael of Your Own Pay

I’ve recently decided to join the Guest of the Month Club hosted by Emily Reads Everything. Once a month, I’ll be hosting a fellow blogging friend right here for your enjoyment. This week, help me welcome Michael of Your Own Pay.

Holiday traditions

I am so glad that Emily of Emily Reads Everything started this Guest Of The Month Blog Posting group. Thanks as well to Julia for hosting this posting on her wonderful blog. Growing up my family didn’t have much structure, this meant we didn’t do much when it came to traditions around the Holidays. This being said though, I have recently started building my own memories with my little brother Ben, and son Nicholas, learn more about what we do in a past guest of the month post here titled Beyond The Blog.

This year was the first year in our new apartment my wife and I put a christmas tree up. it’s not that we don’t celebrate, it’s just that life has kept us two busy to get decorated and things up. This year is also the first year that we had kids living with or at least visiting, so this may very well have had some sort of influence in our choosing to have a tree.

The first tradition that I have created is letting the kids eat in the living room the night before. When I was growing up we just found a spot and sat down to eat, however now i try to keep as much structor in the home and that includes not allowing kids to eat in the living room that’s what we have a table for. My wife makes cookies for Santa, and we let my little brother and son have a cookie in the living room while we watched A Christmas Storie. This is a movie my wife Mallory always watched when she was a girl, so she wanted to watch it with me and the two wonderful kids in our life. The boys quickly got board with it and we picked another movie, however before the second movie even was 10 minutes into it my son was asleep on my lap and little brother was starting to nod off.

I took Nicholas into there room, and Ben soon followed. Once the boys were asleep, santa came to visit. (If i don’t write that it was my wife and I, can i still believe?) The cookies left out had a bite or, ahem 3 quarters of them eaten out of them, to prove that santa was real and a card was left for the boys thanking them for being good.

The morning of christmas started as a normal morning, I got my brother and son serial and Mallory woke up. Nicholas my son started to pass gifts from under the christmas tree out, and the boys opened there gifts. Before the gifts were all opened, stockings were gone threw and candy was being asked if it could be consumed.
The boys played with toys as Mallory and I finished preparation for the christmas dinner.

We all ate a big dinner and continued playing with christmas gifts. That’s about the extent of our holiday “traditions”, The best thing about it was that it was our small little family, in one place and interacting on a physical and emotional level. We all enjoyed ourselves, and that’s really what this time of the year is about isn’t it?

What do you do around this time of the year? Anything change from now vs when you were a kid?

One thought on “Guest of the Month Club #2 – Michael of Your Own Pay

  1. hey Julia:
    thanks for sharing this blog posting. I think the guest of the month blog group has allowed at least myself to connect with a lot of other wonderful bloggers. thanks for doing what you do and i’ll be sure to keep connected with your blog to see some of the future material you have coming out.
    Never stop being wonderful.

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