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This Week’s Five!!!

Copy of Copy of This Week's Five!!!

Whoa, my days are getting away from me! Anyway, here are five things from this week that I enjoyed.

  1. Date night with my hubby! We rarely go out to eat, much less alone, and going out was absolutely lovely!
  2. I’m participating in a buddy read of Nuts by Alice Clayton. It’s fun to get to know these ladies and see their reactions to the same things that I’m reading.
  3. My best friend had her first baby this week! I’m looking forward to seeing them in the near future.
  4. It finally dried out enough that we could do a final mowing of our yard (read:weeds) for the year.
  5. Christmas shopping for the kids in my family, it always makes me happy.

What’s something you enjoyed this week? Is there something you’re looking forward to in the near future?

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