Guest of the Month Club #1 – The YA Book Traveler, Sarah K.

I’ve recently decided to join the Guest of the Month Club hosted by Emily Reads Everything. Once a month, I’ll be hosting a fellow blogging friend right here for your enjoyment. This week, help me welcome Sarah K., The YA Book Traveler.
Thanks for having me on your blog Julia! The topic for Guest of the Month Club set up by Emily from is Beyond the Blog: What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
SArah K

When I’m not on Twitter, which is A LOT of the time, I actually am quite busy with my 3 kids and work. I don’t do blog posts as often as I would like but with a busy life, I figure, it’s totally ok!

I work for my church as our children’s ministry director. I’ve been on staff for over 10 years now and love what I do. It’s great to know that my job is more than just a job but rather a calling. I’ve done many different things at my job, which includes creating videos and graphics. When I started blogging last year it’s been fun using things I learned from my undergrad degree in broadcasting for blogging. Over the last few month I started making book trailers for books which has been a total blast! I’ve been able to interact with authors in a fun way because of it. You can check out my YouTube channel here:

It’s hard to squeeze reading into my life sometimes but I take it when I can!

Sarah K @thebooktraveler

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