This Week's Five!

This Week’s Five!!!

Oops, I missed Saturday, ohwell. Here are five things from this week I enjoyed.20151108_174553

  1. Playing outside with my son. There is more to this than just being outside. It’s that I’ve had the energy (mental and physical) to actually go out and do that, to laugh, and to enjoy it.
  2. Coffee has been exceptionally good this week.
  3. I went to my best friend’s baby shower yesterday, it was so cool. It was in the church we grew up in, and it was neat to think there would be another generation roaming its halls.
  4. I met Kate! #k8chatIRL 🙂
  5. Sweatpants.

Overall I’d have to say my week was pretty great, how was yours? Are you looking forward to something in the near future?

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