This Week’s Five!!!

Fall This Weeks Five

Five things I enjoyed this week:

  1. Our health is back to normal!
  2. The Creative Penn’s post – Writing And Editing Fiction: 7 Things To Fix In Your First Self-Edit.
  3. The rain! Ok, so I know it’s been a bit much in some places, but rain really does make me happy, so I’m thankful we’re finally getting some (more).
  4. My son woke himself up by laughing one day this week.
  5. There’s an entire bag of candy in the kitchen.

And you know what? Five isn’t enough this week, so here’s some more.

  • I’ve been listening to a “Relaxation” radio station that has been playing mostly piano music, and a lot of them are the hymns we used to sing in church when I was a kid. The songs transport me back in time 20 years, and I’m back in that small sanctuary, listening to the voices all mix and mingle together. It’s a very distinct and peaceful feeling.
  • I got to witness a friend’s novel make it to #2 in Amazon’s Science Fiction > Space Opera best sellers (free), and it has also made it’s way to #12 in the general Science Fiction best sellers. I love seeing others’ success!
  • I’ve decided to do National Novel Writing Month, and this year there are a lot of people I would consider friends doing it, too, so maybe I’ll actually “win” this time because I won’t be all alone.

I could probably go on with some more, but I like to try and keep these short and sweet.

How was your week? What are some things you enjoyed? Anything exciting in the close future?

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