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Resources! – Twitter Chats

twitter-311922_640Twitter chats have quickly become one of my favorite aspects of social media. They’re a great way to connect with others, talk about a topic, and make new connections you might have never found otherwise.

In “real life” as some might call it, I don’t belong to any local communities–I don’t know the neighbors, I don’t have any “groups” to go to (book clubs, exercise classes, etc.), and I don’t have many local friends. So Twitter chats are a great way for me to engage in online communities gathered around specific interests, learn something new, and make online friends.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • #k8chat – K8chat was also my first chat. Hosted by @k8tilton, this chat usually has a guest and features some topic to do with writing, reading, or publishing.
  • #NAlitchat – hosted by @EJWesley, @CarrieAButler, @KatGirl_Studio, and the @NextLitChat account. This chat features topics about writing/reading New Adult, as well as just hanging out.
  • #10minnovelists – coordinated and also hosted by @10minnovelists, sometimes there are guest hosts, as well. Another group about writing.
  • #StoryDam hosted by @MDragonwillow @TuiSnider @plynne_writes and the chat account @StoryDam. Topics include writing, creativity, marketing, publishing and more. There’s also a website.
  • #NewAdultIRL – hosted by @BookBaristas, this chat talks about topics important in “new adulthood,” with people sharing their thoughts and experiences, and supporting one another.
  • #RQWN – Random Questions With Nori – hosted by @readwritelove28 (and her other account, @rwl28, for when she gets put in “Twitter-jail”). While this chat does not necessarily revolve around any specific topics, you can bet it’s bookish and there’s at least one question about food! A really fun group of people to find yourself interacting with.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the chats, literary or otherwise, found on Twitter! (I know you know this, but I felt compelled to point it out.) Simply some of my favorites. Jump in! You might just find a friend or community that you’ve been looking for!

Do you like Twitter chats? If so, which ones are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Resources! – Twitter Chats

  1. #K8Chat is my favorite, but I might be a little bias 😉

    Thanks for including #K8Chat in your list <3. I'm so glad it was your first chat, you are an amazing part of the #K8Chat community.


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