Hello Folks!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend FenCon on Saturday with my family. It was…an interesting experience. We tried sitting in on a couple of panels, but the speakers didn’t appeal much to us, and the attention span of a four-year-old is not made for sitting still and listening to a monotonous anyone. So, what did we do? We walked around a lot. The art gallery was probably my favorite place out of the whole thing. We also took our son to make a superhero cape and mask, which was fun.

So, Julia, why did you go to such a place when you didn’t wind up taking advantage of most of the activities?

Well, the experience, for one.

5185And for another (and more primary) reason, S. Usher Evans made her way to Texas, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Over the last year or so I’ve been lucky to come to call this woman I have come to admire a friend. Then, imagine my excitement when I found out J. Leigh Bralick was going to be hanging around! I’ve followed her ever since reading Down a Lost Road (like 4 years ago), and I absolutely love her and love her writing! I don’t think it ever crossed my mind until this year I might actually get to meet her and call her a friend! After all of us convening at FenCon, we went to a fabulous dinner where we spent a couple of hours just talking and hanging out. This was undoubtedly the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I’ve come away from the experience with lots of happiness at having met these two wonderful ladies, a signed copy of Empath, and the realization this probably wasn’t the best con for my interests.

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