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Wondering on Wednesday…


As a beta-reader, I get the privilege of being able to see unpublished MS, often by writers who have not yet published anything at all. I’ve been quite lucky in that most of what I’ve read so far has been good, but there are some that just stick out as FANTASTIC. So here’s the question,

What can I do to help show my support for these amazing stories?

Especially when the writer does not yet have any published works? It’s not like I can go get their other books and leave appropriate reviews or link it all over Twitter. So, other than giving my honest opinion and asking to know what happens with the story, what can I do?

Writers/authors–what would be the most meaningful and supportive thing such a person could do for you?

Other beta-readers, what do you do to show support for those who have shared their work with you

Everybody else, what do you think?

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