This Week's Five!

A New Feature! This Week’s Five!

I don’t want you to think I’m a lifeless reviewing and editing machine. I’m a person, too, although I have a hard time coming up with something unique or interesting to share. As I was cleaning out the inbox for this lovely business I’ve started, I realized I’ve sent myself several things I absolutely love, but when am I going to share them? The idea struck! No, it’s not that original, but it is something I can make my own. Each week, I’m going to share 5 things that I liked. I like this. I like that it isn’t 5 things I didn’t like, or 5 things I wish I could’ve done better, that I could’ve changed. It is a positive 5 things that I LIKED! So, I hope you enjoy it too! Sure, a lot of it might wind up being English/literature/writing/reading related, but some of it might not be, and sometimes I think those can be fun surprises.
Here’s this week’s 5, mostly coming from my freshly cleaned out inbox (yes, I love to email things to myself):


  1. Katie McCoach’s How To Be An Editor’s Favorite Client
  2. Electric Literature’s INFOGRAPHIC: The 69 Rules of Punctuation
  3. Dahlia’s Guide to Bookish Twitter
  4. I received the MS to a book I’ve been waiting for, should be out in October! (Hopefully!) So excited to read this one!
  5. The Snowglobe released this week! When I came across Jenna on Twitter, and checked out her page (because yes, someone–me–actually checks out bios on there), I was immediately excited for this book. Unfortunately I can’t start it right away, but I’ve already got my copy!

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