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Resources! Nat Russo’s blog – A Writer’s Journey

A Writer’s Journey at Erindor Press, blog of Nat Russo

Many writers and authors maintain blogs that tell about their journey and things they’ve learned along the way. Nat Russo is kind enough to share what he’s learned on the craft of writing, under the apt-named tag “writing” on A Writer’s Journey. Also check out the “basics” tag, it’s got some good stuff, too. He’s the author of Necromancer Awakening, as well as the upcoming Necromancer Falling.

While these articles do not necessarily hold any information I haven’t come across before, they make for good reminders. Sometimes, seeing something mentioned in a slightly different way, or used with an example, is needed for it to “click” in the mind.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

  • The Problem with Adverbs – While I may not be the biggest fan of Nat’s longer, more showy (rather than telling) passage, I think this post has some good information. There’s also a point in the comments–sometimes adjectives have the same weakening effect that adverbs do. No, adverbs and adjectives shouldn’t be cut mercilessly from a work, but perhaps they should be eyed with suspicion.
  • Point of View – The Basics – One of the most useful parts of this post, for me, is the part that highlights what a break in third-person limited looks like. Overall, though, it’s a good overview of different points of view.
  • From “basics” tag, As You Know, Bob… – Part of what I like in this post is the humor, I happen to love the #HorribleWriteTip tweets. Really though, this is a good post on how differently info-dumping and info-sprinkling can work for the author and reader alike.

Who do you follow for writing tips?

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